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PAN ASIA Construction possess the technical and project execution skills to undertake a wide range of EPC projects of large complexities and magnitude.

The constant pursuit of leading-edge technologies remains a core component of our strategic plan. Our expanding technology portfolio features value-added, groundbreaking solutions for clients in every facet of our business. EPC assignments are executed using state-of-the-art design tools and project management techniques. The company utilizes latest software tools for design, planning and project management.

PAN ASIA Construction also leverages its EPC skills and experiences to support company owned investment projects on BOT, BOOT models.


PAN ASIA Construction has advanced engineering and design capabilities to meet our clients project needs across India and Middle East.


The right goods and services, at the right time, at the lowest cost, that sums up PAN ASIA's approach to procurement. PAN ASIA Construction leverages its procurement expertise and wide spread supplier networks to provide the best value for clients' capital investments.


PAN ASIA Construction executes construction projects using technologies, systems, and work processes that provide optimal results for its clients. Our network of construction resources facilitates the effective mobilization of advanced equipment and skilled construction teams across India.

Equipment & Technology

PAN ASIA Construction owns a large fleet of well maintained equipment which is constantly upgraded. The company owns a full suite of plant and machinery that is required for timely and quality execution of projects. The company continues to invest in the latest plant and machinery, and leverage state-of-the-art technologies for excellent results.

Our strategic alliance with some of the worlds best infrastructure players helps us to stay ahead on the technology curve.

Our services include:

  • . Network Deployment
  • . Operations & Maintenance
  • . RF Planning & Optimization
  • . EMF Audit
  • . Site Audits & QA Process


Our aim is to provide end-to-end telecom network deployment solutions which are designed to make telecom projects more efficient and cost effective. This ensures high-capacity bandwidth which boosts performance.

We offer a slew of services such as:

Installation & commissioning of BTS, BSC, MSC, M/W & other VAS elements

  • . Core Network Integration
  • . Packet Network Integration
  • . Integration of VAS elements
  • . Installation and Commissioning of SDH and PDH links


Our audit services bring great value and help telecom companies to transform their operations from cost reduction to value creation. Given the background of exponentially growing data and voice segments, we are fully equipped to join hands with telecom companies to transform their operations and respond to the fast changing telecom market.

Our Services include:

  • . RF Drive Test & Cluster Optimization
  • . Narrowband & Broadband Test
  • . Hardware Audit & Performance Audit
  • . Benchmarking Services
  • . Process & Practice Audit
  • . Site Quality Audit